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What is Quraish?

 QURAISH, is 3D real time strategy game about the origin of Islam.

Hold your horses! it is not a religion game, the concept of this game is build upon characters whom are eye witness to this new bloom, a Byzantine officer, a Persian monk and an old tribe chief, and each character will say his point of view about this new phenomena called ISLAM!

Why Quraish?

        An original concept in video game world.

        It covers the rising questions around the world about Islam.

        It covers a new slice of gamers, the RTS fans.

        There must be somebody to do it, and if not us, nobody will care!

        A new educational attempt in a very attractive envelope.

Quraish Specifications

       First Arabic RTS game.

       4 different nations, Bedouins, Arabs, Persians and Romans. with    authentically designed  buildings , military units and battle tactics.

       360 degree eagle eye camera with Zoom function.

       4 breathtaking campaigns, with more than 30 levels, play the role of Bedouin sheik and earn your tribe respect, command your army as the only hope of the new born Moslem state, defeat the gathering tribes round your capital and push them back through the burning sands of Arabia, or simply follow the conquer routs of "Khaled", the sword of god, as his soldiers called him, taste the glory with this legendary general whom never been defeated in a single battle and succeeded to defeat the most powerful empires of that date, Byzantium and Persia.

       3 game play modes, campaign, death mach and regicide.

       60 unique characters of military generals and leaders.

       Use your strategic skills in a new form of game play, protect your trade routs, defend your water resources, mount your units on the walls, simply do as you are expected to do as a leader of a nation.

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